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 Welcome to Juniper's Yard!

I'm a Christian woman living in the South Western Islands of Finland. "Juniper" is my nickname I'm using along with Sheila. My hubby is called "Janiper" - and our cats are "Sipsu the Inspector" and "LilWindy Junior". 

It's so exciting to have visitors in my "homeyard" - and especially from USA or other foreign countries ; It's a real honour to me  :).

Although most of my  pages are in Finnish, you might be interested in the pictures and slide shows  of "Kissat" (Cats), "Luonto" (Nature) or the current photos in my blogs,  Catblog or Nature-blog.

Please, read also the page  I named In God's Arms (where I am carried, indeed!)

I'd be very glad if you would sign my Guestbook:


Thank you - Have a great time!

"Sheila Juniper" aka Eva-Maria, the "hostess of Juniper's Homeyard" ;)

P.S. I've created another  blog  here:
There you'll find a messageboard, too!






Take a look at the Easter page with wonderful videos,  here:



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